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With the Scratch learn to bike project, we are helping children at every stage, from walking to cycling.
With our walkhelp, little ones learn to take their first steps. The adjustable level of the handle and the adaptable resistance of the wheels let them do so safely and mean that the walkhelp will grow with your toddler.
On a Scratch four-wheel walker, children learn many new movements: pushing with their feet, steering, and coordination between sight, hands and feet.
As from the age of 2, it’s time for the Scratch balance bike. Keeping his or her balance is the child’s biggest challenge here. The balance bike is the best preparation for learning to ride a bike! Children who have ridden a balance bike have an enormous head start in terms of balance. They are more stable getting on and off and are more confident when learning to ride a bike. Thanks to the grow along balance bike and XL balance bike, every child can ride a Scratch balance bike for as long as it’s needed. Training wheels are even redundant when learning to ride a real bike! Visit our Youtube channel for videos!

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